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Land encroached by a person
Started by Anonymous User at 12:45 a.m. on 10 Feb. 14
There was an open land on my mother's name. To keep it safe from encroaching it, my father kept a security guard their and he along with his family were in a temporary hut. They lived their for a longer duration of around 15 years. Now when we are telling them to leave that place, they are now not ready. With in these 15 years, now he has ration card and voter card with my parental land.
I would like to know that how can I remove him. We have all the land papers on my mother's name but because of his cast and local union, we are unable to move out him. 
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Started by Anonymous User at 9:47 p.m. on 09 Feb. 14
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Appointment of advocate commissioner
Started by lawbound at 9:44 p.m. on 09 Feb. 14
sir, I have a property in Visakhapatnam which devolved upon me after the demise of my father. My cousin brothers have illegally encroached upon the property and started making structural changes to the super structure, constructing small shop like structures and letting out the shops on rent. I am the only child of my father, I live abroad for employment purposes. I wanted to appoint an advocate commissioner for submitting a report to court. I have approached an advocate and he suggested I file a declaration suit, the value of the property is high and I am unable to afford the stamp duty to pay in court. Please let me know if there is an alternative and cost effective way to appoint an advocate commissioner. Thank you
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Started by praveenkumarduggal at 4:26 p.m. on 09 Feb. 14
JMIC acquitted accused main reason signature was not matched with accused.

My advocate argued that clerk of govt office in her chief admitted forged application was send by accused but application was rejected and send back to accused address. 
She brought second original application signed in original but JMIC referred in judgement that no original was produced.

Also document produced by complainant  witness in cross examination in favor of accused  d1 but JMIC mention in his judgement that this document was produced by accuse.

There is glaring mistakes in judgement.

My question is,

Can complainant witness exhibit accused favoring document in cross where as these document never mentioned in his in chief.

Matching of signature is must to prove above section even if other facts prove forgery 

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Started by Anonymous User at 12:53 a.m. on 07 Feb. 14
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Public Road in my land
Started by Anonymous User at 3:49 p.m. on 05 Feb. 14
I have a land of 3 acre 14 guntas. According to map there are no road in my land. In earlier years surrounding created a bullock cart road in my land. Now in Government is developing this road under Our Village-Our Road scheme in PMGSY project. Earlier the road was 10-12 feet wide now they have occupied 40 feets approx. 13 mtr. Under what government rule they have occupied extra space in my land I don;t know. We have not received any notice regarding this . Kindly suggest what to do.
ndps case
Started by Anonymous User at 10:01 a.m. on 05 Feb. 14
Riyaz s/o. Razak Menon vs. State of Maharashtra (Criminal Application No.3196/2010) (supra), it appears that alprazolam and diazepam powders were seized from the accused. The order shows that it was argued that the said substances do not come within the ambit of Section 8(c) of the NDPS Act and that the said substance seized from the manufacturer therein may fall within the ambit of Drugs and Cosmetics Act and therefore, NDPS Act could not be applicable.
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Started by Anonymous User at 2:51 a.m. on 05 Feb. 14
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Partition Suit Issue
Started by Anonymous User at 1:32 a.m. on 05 Feb. 14
I am presently living in my 2 storeyed building occupying three rooms and the common kitchen left by our parents long back. I have my two married elder sisters and one married elder brother living separately somewhere else. Among them my elder brother only, kept his only living bed room in locked condition that he used to live before. Now, 1.5 years ago he filed for a partition suit over the entire Vastu Property (Area of Land 5.5 Kottah with the building as said before. At that time he arise an issue over the kitchen that we jointly used to use before that as I have entered breaking lock of door and that's why he was then wanted a partition suit. Now the suit is following a no. of hearings as I only request to my lawyer to delay because as I want the partitioning takes would take place at my financial stability so that I can buy that portion from him before he approach to any outsiders. But, now I want to go out of station for a year and thought to leave one room to rent out for at least 11 months contract among three rooms from me and my sisters' side for purpose of security and taking care in absence of mine. My relation with sisters is very healthy. So, in this situation when I'll be busy at the out station can he do anything like disturbing or overpower on the renters with all devil thought. Please, advise while I am thinking to rent out one room along in the ground floor with that so called kitchen. Please, advice me.  
wrong entries in revenue recoed
Started by Anonymous User at 11:58 p.m. on 04 Feb. 14
talthi independantly entered the wrong entris in record of cultivation while a person who apeared in the column of cultivator did not cultivated the land and the remark also shows that he did not cultivated the land but he is claiming for the possession of land, what to do? 
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