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IPC 332
Anonymous User at 8:26 p.m. on 22 Sept. 09
IF we unknowingly have a argument/fight with a police officer not on duty and not in uniform can we still be prosecuted under IPC 332
good case
sushant at 8:58 p.m. on 22 Sept. 09
Have a look at the following search link in which we search for unfiform in all court cases that cite Section 332 of the IPC:


Specifically the judgment here:
Mannalal vs The State Of Rajasthan on 22 July, 1982 

It lays emphasis on the person being in "uniform". It says 

"The learned Public Prosecutor therefore has rightly contended that Cattle Guard was an employee of the Forest Department and falls within the definition of a public servant. All the three persons were on patroling duty as stated above and in uniform on that day."

I think you have a good case if the police officer was not in uniform.
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