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Swahom Shipping Services Pvt. ... vs Commissioner Of Cus. on 28 June, 2005
M/S. Industrial Cables (India) ... vs The Board Of Trustees Of The Port Of ... on 29 August, 1989
The Board Of Trustees For The Port ... vs Swahom Shipping Services Pvt. ... on 12 May, 2006
German Express Shipping Agencies ... vs Union Of India & Ors on 7 June, 2011
Itc Ltd. (Br.Sl.No.70) vs Norasia Container Lines Ltd on 21 November, 2008

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Central Government Act
Section 62 in The Customs Act, 1962
62. Control over warehoused goods.
(1) All warehoused goods shall be subject to the control of the proper officer.
(2) No person shall enter a warehouse or remove any goods therefrom without the permission of the proper officer.
(3) The proper officer may cause any warehouse to be locked with the lock of the Customs Department and no person shall remove or break such lock.
(4) The proper officer shall have access to every part of a warehouse and power to, examine the goods therein.