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Cc.391/1997 Of Judicial First ... vs By Adv.Sri.P.A.Chandran on 22 March, 2006
Sivaswamy vs The Inspector Of Police on 17 July, 2007
Bhagchand Uttamchand vs The Inspector Of Police on 4 November, 2011
Yijayan vs State Of Kerala on 3 November, 2009
Jaisankar vs State Rep. By on 30 November, 2012

[Section 294] [Complete Act]
Central Government Act
Section 294(b) in The Indian Penal Code
(b) sings, recites or utters any obscene song, ballad or words, in or near any public place, shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to three months, or with fine, or with both.]