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Raghubar Dayal Jai Prakash vs The Union Of India And Others on 12 September, 1961
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The Chamber Of Colours And ... vs The Forward Markets Commission ... on 8 November, 1974
Union Of India (Uoi) And Anr. vs The Bullion And Agricultural ... on 1 September, 1972
Union Of India And Anr. vs Rajdhani Grains And Jaggery ... on 4 August, 1972

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Central Government Act
Section 6 in The Forward Contracts (Regulation) Act, 1952
6. Grant of recognition to association.
(1) If the Central Government, after making such inquiry as may be necessary in this behalf and after obtaining such further information, if any, as it may require, is satisfied that it would be in the interest of the trade and also in the public interest to grant recognition to the association which has made an application under section 5, it may grant recognition to the association in such form and subject to such conditions as may be prescribed or specified, and shall specify in such recognition the goods or classes of goods with respect to which forward contracts may be entered into' between members of such association or through or with any such member.
(2) Before granting recognition under sub- section (1), the Central Government may, by order, direct,-
(a) that there shall be no limitation on the number of members of the association or that there shall be such limitation on the number of members as may be specified;
(b) that the association shall provide for the appointment by the Central Government of a person, whether a member of the association or not, as its representative on, and of not more than three persons representing interests not directly represented through membership of the association as member or members of, the governing body of such association, and may require the association to incorporate in its rules any such direction and the conditions, if any, accompanying it.
(3) No rules of a recognised association shall be amended except with the approval of the Central Government.
(4) Every grant of recognition under this section shall be published in the Gazette of India and also in the Official Gazette of the State in which the principal office of the recognised association is situate, and such recognition shall have effect as from the date of its publication in the Gazette of India.