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Bhanwar Lal vs Smt. Kamla Devi on 21 January, 1983
Malaya Das (Nee) Ghosh vs Basudeb Das on 30 September, 1996
Malaya Das (Nee) Ghosh vs Basudeb Das on 30 September, 1996
Amit Kumar Sharma vs Vithe Additional District And ... on 8 May, 1998
Sidharth vs Smt. Kanta Bai on 14 November, 2006

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Central Government Act
Section 24 in The Hindu Marriage Act, 1955
24. Maintenance Pendente lite and expenses proceedings. Where in any proceeding under this Act it appears to the court that either the wife or the husband, as the case may be, has no independent
1. Added by Act 68 of 1976, s. 16.
2. Ins. by s. 16. ibid.
3. Ins. by s. 17, ibid.
income sufficient for her or his support and the necessary expenses of the proceeding, it may, on the application of the wife or the husband, order the respondent to pay to the petitioner the expenses of the proceeding, and monthly during the proceeding such sum as, having regard to the petitioner' s own income and the income of the respondent, it may seem to the court to be reasonable.