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Hakim Kanhaiya Prasad vs Mt. Hamidan And Ors. on 29 April, 1938
Sarjug Devi And Anr. vs Bhamar Lal Pugalia on 19 February, 1982
Unfair (Procedural
Arunachalam Chetty And Ors. vs O.S. Ramasamy Ayyar on 14 March, 1928
Kerala State Financial ... vs C.J. Thampi And Ors. on 27 January, 1999

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Central Government Act
Section 67 in The Indian Contract Act, 1872
67. Effect of neglect of promisee to afford promisor reasonable facilities for performance.- If any promisee neglects or refuses to afford the promisor reasonable facilities for the performance of his promise, the promisor is excused by such neglect or refusal as to any non- performance caused thereby. Illustration A contracts with B to repair B' s house. B neglects or refuses to point out to A the places in which his house requires repair. A is excused for the nonperformance of the contract if it is caused by such neglector refusal. CHAPTER V. OF CERTAIN RELATIONS RESEMBLING THOSE CREATED BY CONTRACT CHAPTER V OF CERTAIN RELATIONS RESEMBLING THOSE CREATED BY CONTRACT