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Joginer Singh vs Pushpa on 20 March, 1968
Mahesh Kumar vs Smt. Anju on 15 November, 2006
Hindu Marriage Aci, 1955 A And Special Marriage Act, 1954. March, 1974
T. Sareetha vs T. Venkata Subbaiah on 1 July, 1983
Smt. Saroj Rani vs Sudarshan Kumar Chadha on 8 August, 1984

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Central Government Act
Section 9 in The Hindu Marriage Act, 1955
9. Restitution of cojugal right. 1[ When either the husband or the wife has, without reasonable excuse, withdrawn from the society of the other, the aggrieved party may apply, by petition to the district court, for restitution of conjugal rights land the court, on being satisfied of the truth of the statements made in such petition and that there is no legal ground why the application should not be granted, may decree restitution of conjugal rights accordingly.
1. The brackets and figure" (1)" omitted by Act 68 of 1976, s. 3.
1[ Explanation.- Where a question arises whether there has been reasonable excuse for withdrawal from the society, the burden of prov- ing reasonable excuse shall be on the person who has withdrawn from the society.] 2[