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Jabar Singh vs Genda Lal on 20 December, 1963
Arun Kumar Bose vs Mohd. Furkan Ansari & Others on 28 September, 1983
Ravindra Nath vs Raghbir Singh & Anr on 4 August, 1967
M. Andi Ambalam vs P. Malaichami And Ors. on 13 March, 1972
Hukam Singh vs Suraj Bhan Roshan Lal And Ors. on 17 November, 1972

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[Section 97] [Complete Act]
Central Government Act
Section 97(1) in The Representation Of The People Act, 1951.
(1) When in an election petition a declaration that any candidate other than the returned candidate has been duly elected is claimed, the returned candidate or any other party may give evidence to prove that the election of such candidate would have been void if he had been the returned candidate and a petition had been presented calling in question his election: Provided that the returned candidate or such other party, as aforesaid shall not be entitled to give such evidence unless he has, within fourteen days from the date of 2[ commencement of the trial], given notice to 1[ the High Court] of his intention to do so and has also given the security and the further security referred to in sections 117 and 118 respectively.
1. Subs. by Act 47 of 1966, s. 42, for" the Tribunal" (w. e. f. 14- 12- 1966 ).
2. Subs. by Act 27 of 1956, s. 52, for" the Publication of the election petition under section 90".