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also contended by the learned Advocate that the Jamabandi papers which are the most important Revenue records ought to have ... Khasra Girdawari and if so examined the Jamabandi papers would have shown that the land which the Appellant's father
Supreme Court of India
- Cites 12 - Cited by 88 -
AIR 1971 SC 771
- P J Reddy - Full Document
Khatauni of village Jalal), Exhibit R-2 (copy of Jamabandi pertaining to years 1981-85 BK), Exhibits ... certified copies of Jamabandies for the year 2000-2001), Exhibit R-5 (certified copy of an extract from the register
Supreme Court of India
- Cites 31 - Cited by 15 - G Singhvi - Full Document
appellant for producing additional evidence in the form of jamabandi qua the suit land comprising in khasra No.1824 ... possession and that revenue entries comprising in the jamabandis for the years 1994-95 and 1999-2000, wherein one Manohar
Punjab-Haryana High Court
- Cites 3 - Cited by 7 - Full Document
that in 1914-15 it was recorded in the 'jamabandi' as "shamlat deh", shows that that particular character ... land merely because it was further stated in the 'jamabandi' that it was in the possession of the owners
Supreme Court of India
- Cites 2 - Cited by 5 -
1977 AIR 1003
- Full Document
Tehsil Samrala of Ludhiana District. 2. There is the Jamabandi of 1960-61, copies. Exhibits ... Khewat No. 172. There is the copy of the Jamabandi of 1952-53, Exhibit P-2, in which those three
Punjab-Haryana High Court
- Cites 12 - Cited by 4 -
AIR 1970 P H 304
- M Singh - Full Document
case, was shown as gher mumkin kabrasthan in the Jamabandi for the year 1909-10 (Exhibit P-19) and occupier ... resident of Sonepat town. This entry is repeated in Jamabandi for the year 1957-58, that is, Exhibit
Punjab-Haryana High Court
- Cites 8 - Cited by 4 -
AIR 1969 P H 344
- Full Document
true that the names of the tenants in the jamabandi papers do not agree in all respects with the names ... case merely because the batwara khasra and the jamabandi papers are not in all respects similar. The tenants vary from
Patna High Court
- Cites 8 - Cited by 3 -
65 Ind Cas 882
- D Miller - Full Document
from 1909-10 to 1945-46 vide copies of Jamabandis, Exhibits P. 19 and D.1, but in the Jamabandis ... partition of the country in 1947. Thereafter the Jamabandi for the year 1957-58 shows the Panchayat
Punjab-Haryana High Court
- Cites 9 - Cited by 3 - G Suri - Full Document
issue aforesaid. The whole dispute focusses on Jamabandi No. 65 of Mouza Billi, police station Madhupur, which is recorded ... possession over the said 38.09 acres of land of Jamabandi No. 65 as also over the Mulraiyati jote of Jamabandi
Patna High Court
- Cites 9 - Cited by 3 -
AIR 1985 Pat 196
- S S Walia - Full Document
fact was given on the basis of the jamabandi i.e. revenue records. In jamabandi it was recorded that ... land in question. The Collector after examining the Jamabandi and Khasra Gridawari came to the conclusion that the land belongs
Supreme Court of India
- Cites 12 - Cited by 2 - A.K.Mathur - Full Document
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