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brought by respondent Nos. 3 to 14, the legal heirs of the aforesaid Kulwant Rai. 2. The arguments ... happening of which event inheritance opened resulting in his legal heirs becoming small landholders had not the effect to stultify
Supreme Court of India
- Cites 7 - Cited by 49 -
AIR 1985 SC 371
- A Sen - Full Document
packet came back with remark 'expired'. Deceased Ahmed had legal heirs, but plaintiff No. 2 did not know their names ... deposed that he had tried to get names of legal heirs of Ahmed, son of deceased Papamiya, but the plaintiffs
Supreme Court of India
- Cites 0 - Cited by 48 - Full Document
that the appellants in both the cases arc the legal heirs of the employee/officer who died in harness while ... employee/officer concerned, prosecutions were launched against them (legal heirs) under section 630 of the Companies Act, 1956 (hereinafter referred
Supreme Court of India
- Cites 12 - Cited by 27 -
1995 AIR 1592
- A Anand - Full Document
appear to the committee to be the heir or legal representative of the deceased member, or pay to such nominee ... heir or legal representative, as the case may be, a sum representing the value of such member’s share
Central Government Act
- Cites 0 - Cited by 149
wrong or abnormal in such directions. On merits, the legal heir of the assessee argued before the learned ... Regarding the subsequent statement of Shri Subhash Sethi, the legal heir argued that assessee had not been given any opportunity
Income Tax Appellate Tribunal - Delhi
- Cites 0 - Cited by 90 -
2005 1 SOT 413 Delhi
- Full Document
death, the said property shall go to his legal heirs. Ram Nath died in the year 1953. Soon after ... that on her death, it will devolve upon his "legal heirs". Ram Nath and Satyawati owned certain other properties also
Supreme Court of India
- Cites 16 - Cited by 82 -
1996 AIR 869
- B J Reddy - Full Document
provided that where a person dies his heirs and legal representatives ate liable to pay out of the estate ... hands of the assessee "Amarchand N. Shroff by his legal heirs and representatives" in the five respective years under reference
Supreme Court of India
- Cites 10 - Cited by 76 -
1963 AIR 1448
- K L. - Full Document
claimed that her share would devolve upon all her legal heirs which would include her sons and daughters ... share in the properties would devolve upon her legal heirs. Not only that, the appellant also claimed that there were
Delhi High Court
- Cites 19 - Cited by 50 - S K Kaul - Full Document
Floor should be given to the legal heirs of late Sati Prasanna Bhowmick, the deceased member, upon receipt ... said apartment No.2 to anybody other than the legal heirs of the deceased member and for other reliefs
Supreme Court of India
- Cites 4 - Cited by 30 - A Lakshmanan - Full Document
Death of a director during pendency of proceedings-Heirs and legal representatives of deceased director, if could be substituted ... from legal representatives. HEADNOTE: The respondents were the heirs and legal representatives of one of the directors of a Company
Supreme Court of India
- Cites 19 - Cited by 10 -
1983 AIR 188
- E Venkataramiah - Full Document
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